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The story behind one of our own

July 14, 2017

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Why getting older never looked so good

November 12, 2017

Well, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself when I say getting older is better, but that's what it feels like in my head.  I mean, did you really think about how you were treating your body or what you were putting in it when you were younger?  We all think that because we're getting older our bodies are just naturally going to suffer.  I say bologna!


Here's the top five reasons why getting older is actually better for your body.


Top Reason:  We care more about how we treat our body and what goes into it.  So many of my clients have come off of high sugar, trans fat, and carb diets just to realize how much better they feel at any age.  Yes they lose the weight, but the knowledge they gain from our diet program is amazing.  


Second Reason: Learning all about health and nutrition passes down to your children.  I never realized how many women's children would be affected by their mom's deciding to lose weight.  Children are natural cheerleaders and are always willing to try something new if their mom shows them she is having fun doing it.  Little did I know my kids would be eating asparagus, calling them green french fries, and loving every minute of cooking them with me.


Third reason: When we get older, we slow down to consider what life is about and how we should go about enjoying it.  Gone are the nights of partly meaningful contemplation in life.  Now, we ponder what it means to actually have true friendships, we work at relationships with a little more awareness, and we see the faults and joys in being young.  You start hearing yourself telling the younger generation what your opinion is about life's treasures and it never felt better.


Fourth reason:  We don't sleep as much!  You have a little more time in your life to get done what needs getting done.  You have time to take walks when others may still be sleeping.  Enjoy your extra time, while your teenager is sleeping his life away, you may be getting just a little more extra work in to retire a little more early.  Go for it!


And number five:  You don't sweat the small things in life as much any more.... Of course if you are OCD, you still may have a little ways to go, but for all others, the small stuff just doesn't seem as important any more.  You've seen it all, experienced it all, appreciated it all, good and bad, and you are none worse for the wear.  I am starting the third career of my life and it has never felt more gratifying.  The ability to know the hard is hard, but it's not the end, and the good is good, but it's not the best keeps me going and truly appreciating everything life has to offer and teach.


I hope all of you reading this experience a beautiful fulfilling life and see that aging really isn't such a bad thing after all.


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