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The story behind one of our own

July 14, 2017

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When you're always saying tomorrow

October 15, 2017

Does this sound familiar?  "I think I'll have that last bowl of ice cream because i'm going to start my diet tomorrow?"  Or, "I've been so good, I'll just splurge today and jump back on the wagon tomorrow."  All too often, what we think is only going to be one day turns into two, then five, then next thing you know, it's been a straight week of eating unhealthy.  Here are some helpful tips to get you started back on the straight and narrow.


Tip 1: Start your week by planning ahead for moments of weakness.  My favorite thing to do on Sunday's is to make homemade ice cream in my ice cream maker with Xylitol, a natural sweetener proven not to raise blood sugar levels.  It gives me a fun thing to do on Sundays and something to look forward to when I have my moments of weakness in the week ahead.


Tip 2: Research places to go out to eat and plan accordingly before you get there!  This is an important tip because, in most instances, I see my clients fail big time at this one.  If you know you're going to go out to eat, look up the menu online and plan out what you are going to eat.  This saves you many headaches and feelings of guilt later on.


Tip 3: Set an alarm on your watch or phone to let you know when it's time to eat.  We all get too busy with life and before you know it, you've skipped a meal.  Plan ahead by setting a timer on your watch to remind you when to eat.  


Tip 4: Get a cooler and pack small snacks that you can easily munch on throughout the day.  A handful of nuts has far more carbs and calories than a baggie of carrots or zucchini chips. 


Tip 5: Get plenty of rest.  If you're not on top of your game because you're tired, your body isn't going to be on top of it's game as well.  Turning down lights past 7 p.m., and reducing access to bright lights will help you catch more sleep at night and get you rested up for the next day.


Tip 6: Drink plenty of water!  I can't stress this enough.  Drinking lots of water helps flush toxins through your system, gives your body vitally needed liquid support, and helps it maintain levels of everything throughout your body that are essential to it functioning.  Dehydration is the number one cause of body complaints that you may have.  It is also the number one overlooked cause as well.



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