Custom Weight Loss Planner

The personal trainer you've always wanted!

The "It's My Time" Planner has a weekly and monthly layout with spacious pages and tabs to record your goals, plan your week, and even a place to insert recipes for your meal plans.  There are sections with tips, exercises, and goal setting information that are sure to please even the most organized of all our clients.

What makes this planner so unique?  It was designed especially for you.  This planner will challenge you, keep you on track, and get you to where you want to be.  Your goals are our goals, and now we can work together in this beautifully designed planner.

Introducing the only planner you will ever need to meet your weight loss goals:

Get two jars, fill one up to take out of, put them in jar when you eat good, take them out of that jar when you eat bad and put them in a 3rd jar.


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