When body wraps were first offered decades ago, linen sheets were used, says Susie Ellis, president of SpaFinder, Inc., an industry group based in New York. The wraps were then mostly called herbal wraps. "'Body wraps' is a term that came to mean more than herbal wraps,"' she says, adding that they became popular in the 1980s and 90s. Eventually, plastic or thermal blankets replaced the linen sheets.

However, because of anti cellulite wraps being "new," there are those who label it as plainly bandwagon What people do not know is that it has been around for sometime already. Using these wraps can prove beneficial. For one reason, these wraps can be worn anywhere even while doing other activities. Even medical experts would agree to the fact that this type of treatment can definitely cause loss in inches and even a few pounds not solely because of the lotions or creams used with it but due to the perspiration it inspires.

Body wraps are not just a fad. They've been used for centuries, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks. They knew of the amazing beautifying affects of body wraps in addition to their powerful medicinal virtues.

Body wraps are a true shortcut to weight loss and cellulite elimination. They help you to lose inches of fat, firm up loose, flabby skin, and totally eliminate cellulite faster than most other options available to you. The reason a body wrap is so very powerful is because it works to detoxify your body.

This specific inch loss and cellulite reduction wrap was developed by a bio-chemist from the ULCA medical center. This wrap process was formulated to encourage circulatory and lymphatic flow in patients. Research showed that because of this increased flow of both the lymphatic and circulatory systems, the patients experienced cleansing of the tissues. This, in turn, caused healthy inch loss through internal cleansing.

It’s very typical to lose 4″ to 14″ in one hour. This is NOT weight loss, this is permanent inch loss! Not only does your body benefit internally from this Body Wrap, but the external benefits of contouring and inch loss make this wrap ideal!

Healthy Image Colorado uses herbal formulations which work externally to internally. This type of wrap aids in the removal of wastes that have become trapped in vulnerable parts of your body. It’s basically a painless cleansing process of the tissue underneath the skin, and helps restore elasticity to loose, flabby skin. It does not dehydrate and age the skin. This is the healthiest type of wrap there is!

Through Healthy Image Colorado's Body Wraps, you will experience inch loss, diminishing of cellulite, and body contouring. These results can be permanent and completely safe.

This particular Body Wrap has been helping people lose inches for over 30 years!




Beware… Not all body wraps are created equal!

Here is a helpful guide to explain the differences between Healthy Image Colorado Body Wraps and other wraps you may have heard about. At Healthy Image Colorado, we use “Internal Cleansing Wraps. Our internal cleansing wraps use herbal formulations that start externally and work internally. This type of wrap aids in the removal of wastes that have become trapped in vulnerable parts of your body. It is simply a cleansing process of the tissue underneath the skin, and helps restore elasticity to loose, flabby skin. It does not dehydrate and age the skin- this type of wrap is the most beneficial to the body!

We do NOT use salt solution wraps, mineral wraps, seaweed wraps, or liquid herbal wraps- All of these wraps promote toxins and water to be expelled through the pores internally to externally. Though there is a minimal detoxification benefit, these processes dehydrate and age the skin through water loss.

If there is an immediate weight loss after a wrap, this indicates that it is a water loss wrap. With the internal cleanse wrap that we offer, there is no weight loss for at least 72 hours.                                                                                       

With a water loss wrap, you may be required to wear a rubber suit or booties to promote sweat and catch the body hydration. These wraps are generally messy, uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. The inches will come back as you ingest liquids again to replace hydration.

We do NOT offer clay wraps, as they act as a poultice to draw impurities from the skin. This is a dehydrating wrap that tends to age the skin.

At Healthy Image Colorado we have an Anti-Cellulite Lotion that you can apply at home to help maintain your inch loss. Patients who come in for a series of body wraps use Anti-Cellulite Lotion in between their wraps and find they continue to lose inches!

Anti-Cellulite Lotion has the ability to maximize and preserve the contouring, tightening and inch loss achieved through our body wraps. Essential nutrients increase circulation, helping to condition and tone the skin.

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