Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike Krebill has been a chiropractor since 1988, and have helped thousands of people dramatically change their health, whether it be through chiropractic care, pain-relieving laser therapy as the only chiropractor in the state of Colorado invited to participate in the FDA study proving the effectiveness of the wonderful treatment, or through our incredibly successful weight-loss programs and detoxify body wraps.  


Ally is the genius behind the detoxify body wraps and micro-current facials so many experience here at Healthy Image Colorado. Her knowledge and excellent care she provides to each and every client she comes to know makes our practice so much more than just a place to enhance your beauty.  She makes everyone feel as if they are part of our family and it is her welcoming face you will see each time you visit our clinic. 


Keri is our weight loss coach and soon to be certified nutritionist through Precision Nutrition's superior nutrition coaching program.  She will guide you through your weight loss challenges, support you along the way, and really adds a great perspective to our doctor supervised weight loss programs.  She makes every client feel like the process of weight loss is a team effort, not something you have to go through alone, and she's tenacious at making sure you stay on track and reach your goals.  


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